The “No Social Media” Challenge – Monterey Bay

I decided to start a category on my blog called the “No Social Media Challenge”. Basically, I’ll be posting about trips and such that I took while disconnecting from social media. I think all too often, we all can get caught up easily on Facebook, Instagram, etc., even when we need to relax a bit. It’s so easy to get sucked into the uneccessary drama of it all.

Of course, that doesn’t mean I am completely without my phone – how else will I snap photos and videos? πŸ˜€ But even then, it’s so nice to be able to go somewhere and just not be on social media, even for a little bit. So, we’ll kick off this category with my 30th birthday trip to one of my favorite places in the whole world!


My best friend, Jenny and I left for San Jose on a Friday night (8/4/2017). My aunt lives there and she let us stay so we headed on over and got a good nights sleep before the next day’s adventures. We woke up the next morning I’m a good mood, got some breakfast, then got ready to head to the bay. Before embarking on our road trip, we grabbed our big iced lattes and hit the road! We hit a little bit of traffic but it was smooth sailing after that. We arrived around noon time and had the whole day ahead of us. We definitely took advantage of our view in the parking lot;

Can I just jump in that water, please? πŸŒŠπŸ’§#ocean #beach #california #monterey

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We were a bit disgusted that we saw plastic bags in that beautiful water – before we realized they were actually jellyfish!

After looking at the jellyfishes and waving at the scuba divers, we headed on over to a rather crowded Cannery Row, where we had lunch and did some sight-seeing. It was afternoon time before we decided to head to the Aquarium.

We got there and I pretty much wanted to go everywhere at once. I swear, just get me a bed cot and I could live there. I’ve always liked animals as a kid but there iss something so special, mesmerizing, and breathtaking about aquatic life. Jenny and I took our time walking through the exhibits, even sitting on the benches to enjoy them. We saw the sea otters, sharks (grey and leopard), schools of fish/sardines, various fishes like sturgeons and bass, eels, and even a big octopus. We also got the pet the manta rays numerous times in the manta ray pool (one even used it’s wings to splash me in an attempt to find food – I don’t know if I should be insulted or not by the fact a manta ray confused my body mass for food but I digress). We took a peek into the jellyfish exhibit but it was pretty crowded – that, and I already content having seen them in the wild. I could sit in front of those tanks for hours, literally.


Photobomb below!

(Some pics are one, others are from Jenny’s FB, and some are from the MBA’s Websites because lets face it, their photagraphers take WAY better pictures of the place. Featured image taken from here).


(From Jen’s Facebook)


(Both pics taken from the Aquarium’s website)


(From Jen’s Facebook)

(From Jen’s Facebook)


(From the Aquarium’s website)

(From Jen’s Facebook)

Mr. Manta Ray showing off 🐠🌊 #montereybayaquarium #sealife #monterey #california #ocean #wildlife

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Of course, it was quite sad when someone on the intercom announced that they were closing soon. We were quite devastated but we managed to pick up the pieces and say “au revoir” to this magnificent place.

We decided to end this fantastic day and afternoon with a trip to the Ghiradelli chocolate shop nearby to enjoy chocolate sundaes and watch more sea otters jump in and out of the water.

My personal recommendations:

– Buy your Aquarium tickets online. That way, you don’t have to wait in line.
– Exhibits: the Kelp Forest and the Open Sea
– Bring a portable charger for your phone
– Ghiradelli Chocolate and Ice-Cream Shop on Cannery Row!!!


Until next time, Monterey!


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