25 Things About Me.

I was born and raised in California. My dad immigrated here from Croatia and my mom’s grandparents did as well, so all of my family roots can be traced back to that region.

I don’t drink alcohol at all – I’ve had it before, but just never really enjoyed it (unless it’s a shot or two of slivovitz on Christmas Day but that’s a different story).

I enjoy all kinds of music but my favorite is and always will be trance! I listen to it in the car, during my workouts, when I’m in the office…I need it like I need my morning coffee!

My mornings usually start around noon time. What most people consider evenings, I consider mid-afternoon. I was born a night-owl and working night shifts in all my jobs just solidified that. I’m pretty much allergic to the sunrise and if there’s one thing I’ll never understand, is how there are people that actually like and enjoy early mornings.

I have always loved the beach and collect a lot of beach decor and souvenirs. I enjoy the city, the country, and the desert equally – but there’s something truly wonderful and heavenly about the beach. If past lives exist, I probably was a mermaid or a pirate.

I will never get tired of watching or quoting “The Golden Girls”.

As much as I LOVE food and all things delicious, I try to be as low-to-free sugar as I can be. I also don’t eat fast-food or drink sodas.

With fitness being a big part of my life, I follow quite a few fitness folks – however, I love to follow real people. Those who juggle work, families, hobbies, and still make fitness a priority, no matter what their size or shape. Those are the real fitness badasses!

I shaved my hair off once in my early 20s and it felt so liberating – not to mention it was soooo convenient. No lie, I miss it once in awhile.

Like any other “Harry Potter” fan, I went online and got sorted into my house. #ProudSlytherin

I am obsessed with “Sailor Moon”. Serena Tsukino is my spirit animal.

I love kiddos – they are like mini adults who are allowed to be politically incorrect. They never lie and if they try, they can’t get away with it for long. With that said, I never felt a desire to have children.

There was a man that I truly believed in my heart of hearts, was my soulmate. This was yeeeeears ago. He ended it and I haven’t heard from him since. Not a day goes by where he doesn’t cross my mind in some form or other.

I went to police academy back around….2014? I got injured during training and had to be discharged. That hurt worse than any breakup.

My favorite album ever is “Ray Of Light” by Madonna.

My favorite video game ever has to be “The Legend of Zelda” – I’m a shameless Zelda nerd! “Metal Gear Solid” *almost* ties with Zelda as best game ever (Zelda is #1 only because I’ve played it ever since before I could talk).

I’m very fascinated with the paranormal as far as ghosts go. I’m a total sucker for the ghost-hunting shows and while I acknowledge that a lot of it is for entertainment, I genuinely believe some form of ghost exists.

When I was a kid, I had horrible anxiety and panic attacks – they got so bad, I couldn’t even drive to a restaurant or go out in the yard. I was homeschooled on and off throughout middle and high school while I sought proper treatment. Long story short, I can now live my life, go to work, go to the store, all things I couldn’t do as a kid. Some things still make me nervous like large crowds but now that I’m older, I have a much better understanding of gaining control of it.

Piggybacking on the ladder, I am terrified of heights but I’m trying to force myself to get better at it. My latest accomplishment heights-wise was staying for 2 nights in a hotel room on the 15th floor (eeeeeeeek!).

My thoughts on society and people drastically changed after going on numerous police ride-alongs and seeing things from a completely different perspective (oh, the stories I have).

My favorite concert that I’ve ever watched (courtesy of Youtube) is Tiesto’s 2004 concert at the Gelredome. I have it on at least a few times a month while either at work or doing some writing. Freaking. Amazing!

I have a rather small (count 50+) rubber ducky collection on my shelf. If I see a rubber ducky at a shop, I have to have it!

“Beauty and the Beast” is my all-time favorite Disney movie and soundtrack. Coincidentally, ninja onion-cutters are always around when I watch the movie (especially the end).

My favorite kind of exercise is lifting weights. The only cardio I really enjoy is kickboxing and I’m allergic to running.

My idea of a balanced diet is a protein shake in one hand and a donut in the other.


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